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Rules + post example

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:40 pm

And now, the moment you have all been waiting for, THE TOURNAMENT!!!

To motivate you to be the best players you can be we are going to set up a competition. For every city forced into truce or forced into porting, wiped and capped you get a certain amount of points. The number of points you get depends on the difficulty of the target. Say for instance you wipe and cap a city. You will get both points for wiping it and points for capping it. The team who has the most points at the end of the week is the winner and along with getting complete BAMF status (Bad Ass Mother Fuckers) the team who has the least amount of points shall have to send the winners a certain amount of res. So don't lose

This means if you cap a city you need to mail me about it. Since i am scatter brained it would be a good idea to have one member in your group keep track of it. Write down what kind of city it was (+ or - 500k troops), whether they ported or truced, if you wiped it etc. mail me with the coords of the city you capped (even if you npc it) and the name of the player and all the nitty gritty details.

Point System:
1) For every forced truce or forced port- 1p
2) For a complete wipe with under 500k 2 points
3) For a complete wipe over 500k- 5 points
4) If the city is capped under 500k you can earn an extra 3 points similarly if it truces after you wipe it you get the 1 truce point along with the wipe points
5) If you cap a city that had over 500k troops then you get 5 additional points
so capping a huge city would be 10 points potentially
6) You will get an additional 3 points for wiping reinforcing troops
7) Whatever member caps the most cities in a week gets their team an additional 5 points at rally time
8 ) Coordinated efforts add 3 points to the attack point total. So say 3 members attack someone with a mil troops in their city, they wipe it, get 5 points, cap it get 5 points and since they worked together they get 3 points. However you dont get the extra points for coordinating against an under 500k troop city cause thats silly
9) If an individual player makes a truly spectacular hit, make sure a screenshot is taken and if i decide it's worthy, an additional 3 points will be rewarded to your team
10) if a player npcs his own city while you are hitting it you get 2 points
11) if you attack a non priority enemy then you get half the points you would get for each thing to encourage us to focus on our main enemies.
12) if a city has gates closed or under 100k troops theres only one point to be gained for clearing and or/taking, we need to focus on bigger guns!!

happy hunting!

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Example of post (best hits last tourney!)

Post  Guest on Thu Sep 02, 2010 2:49 pm

Viking1 (Ranked 16th on the server, just sayin')
City: Vik1 @ 465.51

Original Scout:

Then he was reinforced with Layers and Archers
(scout report)

Here are some hits I would like considered for the 3 point "spectacular hit" They show our team clearing these massive layers:

1. 41's cool mech wave:

2. Fearganor's 600k + warrior smash

Viking1 was then reinforced with more archers; apparently Rejects finally ran out of layer reinforcements:
(scout showing reinforcements)

We finished him off with 41's 4 archer bows, followed by clearing waves from LB, 41, Curley, Fearganor, and myself, followed by a phract smack, all timed to hit within 30 seconds of eachother:

Phract smack screen shot (which I would also like to have considered for the 3 point "spectacular hit" bonus):

LB (from a the LB/mcpp team)

....and now to milk this point thing for all it's worth:

complete wipe over 500k: 5pts
wiping reinforced troops twice: 6pts
spectacular hit bonuses: 9pts
coordinated effort: 3 pts
Lazzy said we could have more points because we worked with LB's team: 10 pts
Forced Truce: 1 pt

total= 34 pts


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